About Me

      My name is Costas Frost I am a 3D animator who is a graduate of SMFA in Boston.  I focused mainly on animation, sculpture, and video.  I've done extensive work in each of those mediums but nothing gives me as much joy as animation.  I've become
      Recently I've been doing freelance work and my own projects.  I am currently working on an independant game and thats taking up alot of my time the first version should be done by the end of december.  I'm working on creating new niche areas for 3D modeling.  I've got some interesting avenues to persue that really have only been made possible recently.  I feel like I am in the expansionist wild west of 3D and I am blazing my own trail.
      In addition to all this work I am an avid game player.  I have a love for shooter and strategy games that hold no bounds.  My favorite game is Tribes (good night sweet prince), no other game gives you the speed or intensity that game provides.  I have an addiction to MMO's I've played almost every one under the sun since Meridian 59 which to me got it right.  I guess I should mention my exploits with the Naked Troll Project.
      Well thats me in a nutshell, I love animation, I love games, and I love the internet.